xls2mysql-screenshot11xls2mysql is a standalone application for Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 that creates SQL queries from Excel data, including table create statement, using columns names from cell values in the first row.

  • Xls2mysql improves your productivity by automatically converting Excel records to SQL insert queries ready for mysql.
  • Xls2Mysql saves precious time for real work on your dynamic websites or mysql powered application :

  • Multi sheet enabled Excel reader :
    • Loads and preview excel fil,
    • Parses unlimited amount of Excel sheets per file
    • Excel Sheet selector,
    • Displays records for selected sheet
  • Mysql statement builder :
    • sanitize file name for table name
    • builds SQL create table statement out of first row (sanitize column names, create coln name if string is empty)
    • builds sql insert statements out of rows 1..N
    • allow first column name renaming
    • converts specific excel column types
      • date type columns to mysql standard YYYYMMDD format
      • currency type to decimal
      • numbers to floats
      • other types to varchar (255)
  • creates SQL file for Mysql

You can also convert your Access databases to Mysql using xls2mysql :
Export your Access tables to Excel files and process them through xls2mysql !


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  • After purchase, use your user to access our download zone
  • download the file and rename it to xls2mysql.exe
  • if you had installed the trial version, uninstall it (go to your program files folder / xls2mysql and click wduninst)
  • launch the installer and run !
  • Browse your Excel File, off you go : it automatically read and converted to sql insert queries.

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