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 Ajax Search Taxonomy wordpress plugin simplifies the development of dynamic taxonomy queries for many applications : product search, product chooser, product configurator...

Very easy to use : place 2 shortcodes where you want, compatible with wordpress drag and drop visual content managers !

  • [astSearchInput taxonomy="category"] : displays a selection of chechboxes with selected taxonomy terms. Arguments can specify include or exclude ID, parent taxonomy (to display only a child of a selected parent), and most get_terms arguments
  • [astSearchResults post_type="product"] : displays the results of a specific custom post type

Install instructions

Prerequisite : What you need to run this plugin

  • a running wordpress web site
  • experience and knowledge of plugin installation via FTP
  • basic shortocode usage for wordpress
  • basic css language skill
  • a sense of design Photoshop skill to design your taxonomy backgrounds

Basic instructions : search elements shorctode options

The astSearchInput shortcode displays taxonomy terms.


    • type : defaults to radio, use checkbox if you want to allow multiple selection [astSearchInput type="checkbox"]
    • taxonomy : category by default [astSearchInput category="tags"]
    • exclude terms :  use term_ids separated by commas [astSearchInput exclude='17,23']
    • labelposition : position of the label relative to the checkbox . values : "before" by default, "after"

Custom styling

    • each form uses the following classes : .astSearchInput.taxonomy_name
    • to display image background, include the following in your theme style sheet  :
      .astSearchInput.taxonomy_name {width:455px;height:192px; background:url(images/image.jpg)}


Display Ajax search post Result

We have voluntarily dissociated the search input location from the result location. this allows easy customisation of element location and result display

the ajax taxonomy serach result short code is very simple, takes the following argument

  • post_type (defaults = post) : post type search
    [astSearchResults post_type="attachment"]
  • size (default = thumbnail) : thumnail image size, useful if want to get away from wordpress 150x150 default thumbnail size
    [astSearchResults post_type="attachment" size="rectangle150x100nc"]

Yes you can search attachments (images) for instance. And yes you can use taxonomies for attachments !

using Ajax Taxonomy Search with images

Taxonomy for images/ attachment

    • You have the choice of displaying the link the attachment parent page using WORDPRESS SEO BY YOAST configuration. If you don't like this very powerful plugin that does many other things, simply use Attachment Pages Redirect (I have not tested this one)

Featured Image for taxonomy terms

    • on the other side, you can also add featured image to your taxonomy termswo. AST shortcode is fully compatible with Taxonomy images

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