Grid feature : page number in scroll bar

I've come across another data grid implementation, this time base on mootools. One interesting feature of AJAX datagrids is the ability to scroll unlimited number of records without reloading the main page. Using the scroll bar instead of a opage numbering system can dramatically increase productivity when playing with large datasets. But one advantage of pagenumbering is that it is a good indication of where you stand and page number is often remembered by users as an efficient way of finding specific datarows.  DrasticTools is a collection of PHP and JS scripts that generate AJAX-based data managers and viewers for MySQL tables. DrasticGrid is a data grid that supports pagination, sorting, insertions, deletion and update of records : the most unique feature it implements is precisely the page number indication in the dynamic scroll bar, as highlighted on the screenshot above.

UvumiTools Gallery : light HTML enhancements

Working with HTML and Javascript is always interesting in terms of Search engine optimisation. What's nice about the Uvumi Tools  Gallery, distributed on MIT license, is not what you would notice at first sight when trying out this little mootools script. It actually starts off with a table like layout of thumbnails, which turns out to a vertical scroll bar after the first click on any image. This is where the fun comes in : the vertical scroll is driven by the mouse wheel and gives a nice feeling out of this light javascript / HTML combination. But don't be fooled  : its main advantage (being light) is also its main drawback ... won't generate thumbnails unless you work at a PHP -or anything server side language- integration. If you have a few minutes to spare, dare to take a look at Uvumi's textarea : integrates a progress bar that displays the ratio of words typed / allowed via a visual indicator of how close you are  to the maximum input size, also automatically grows and shrinks the textarea height to accommodate larger text submissions. More  @