Magento Extension : Category product tab edit link


PoleOuest_CategoryProductEditLink Magento extension is a lightweight magento backend extension that allows store managers to edit products straight from the category admin page.

2012 update : This extension is compatible with all versions of MAGENTO community up to 1.6 

Browsing products by category in the admin : there are many examples of opensource ecommerce systems that can do that. Among them, Prestashop backoffice is built around this navigation paradigm, and even Oscommerce  displays products by category in its 5 years old backoffice. Of course none of those two have the flexibility that Magento allows in terms of category / product association in a multistore environment.

But in Magento you can't search product by category in the admin : can you imagine that this feature is missing in Magento !  As of version 1.4 (and now tested on 1.5 and 1.6!!!) this is still the reality, easily enhanced by the PoleOuest_CategoryProductEditLink Magento (see the page on Magento website).



  1. Buy (29$ via Paypal) the extension on our shop
    Note : purchasing the extension gives you unlimited website license and full access to PHP Code
  2. Download (TGZ)
  4. unzip the file in your app/code/local, in order to get the structure below,
  5. create the xml module file PoleOuest_All.xmlin app/etc/modules with the following code :
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
  6. REMEMBER to flush magento's cache and log out / log in the admin
  7. go ahead, try it and let me know how to package this thing into a usable magento connect extension !


Magento simple ssh install

The magento wiki has a good article that details how to install Magento with the help of PEAR downloader. We don't need that, just want to install magento via ssh in a few commands, here is the detail. Before you install, make sure you check requirements, especially innoDB option for mysql.


  • go to your root folder and download magento :
  • unzip tar and delete it :
     tar xvzf magento-1.2.1.tar.gz 
    rm magento-1.2.1.tar.gz
  • copy files back to your root folder, including htaccess, then remove the magento dir
     mv magento/* .  

    mv magento/.ht* .
    rmdir magento/


  • chmod / chuser files in order to let apache do its job
    chown magento:users * -R
     for i in $( find . -type d ); do chmod 755 $i; done  

     for i in $( find . -type f ); do chmod 644 $i; done

Not that you mightr have to specify your own permissions in the last command. If you've got there, That's it, you're ready to run the installer, GOOD LUCK. Core upgrades can be done via the Magento Downloader.

Magento How to : add prototype based image rollover

We will today work on a nice and easy fetaure of temlpate design : adding javascript and static images, with the objective of implementing a simple prototype based image rollover. We chose the simple unobstrusive rollover script by Herryanto Satiano.

  • download the zip and place the rollover.js file in your js/prototype folder (or in you js skin folder)
  • edit app/design/../layout/page.xml and add the following line in the header block :
    <action method="addJs"><script>prototype/rollover.js</script></action>
    Note that you can also add your javascript in your own magento skin via the following block action :
    <action method="addItem"><type>skin_js</type><name>js/prototype/rollover.js</name></action>
  • add the rollover instanciation in you rpage/head.phtml file :
      <script type="text/javascript">
        window.onload = function() {
          new Rollover('nav');
  • test on tow imagse with _over suffix.

Theming Magento eShop frontend : a beginner’s guide

In a previous article, We've briefly explained the four concepts behind Magento's rendering system. The last 3  entities are  perfectly understandable for web developers :

  • template (in app/design/frontend) stores HTML code for a series of twenty page types and page components, such as  catalog, navigation, shopping cart, checkout, cms.
  • Skin (in skin/frontend) stores the css stylesheets,
  • Locale stores language specific strings, in CSV format

Instanciating your own template out of Magento's default install is a child game. Our introduction article covered the automatic installation of packaged themes from Magento Connect : to perform the same task manually, you'll just have to perform a simple cut & paste operation of two basic folders :

  • template : copy / duplicate app/design/default/frontend  to app/design/frontend/YOURTHEME
  • skin : copy /duplicate skins/frontend/default to skins/frontend/YOURTHEME
    Notice at this stage that two skins are copied : you'll have to specify the skin you want in the backend System / configuration /design form, as shown below

The first entity, though, is a bit harder to understand. It is called Layou and  is coded out of raw XML format, and explained on Magento's Designer Guide.

How to install magento free themes

Well you've finally decided you're going to switch to Magento for building ecommerce website. While new versions of Magento coming up regularly make the learning curve easier to climb, be prepared for at least a few days before you can use magento's features to its best. This article explains the few tricks and tips that will start you off with variations on the basic design of magento's default installation.

Read more

Magento promotions : flexibility in the form of rules

Promotions are always a result of  complex  marketing strategies : making them real on ecommerce involves either analytic programmation, or default product features : most ecommerce application come with product promotions schema, based on percentage or price reduction. In Magento, complex rules can be implemented from within the interface, that cover a wide variety of busines cases : based on shopping cart total, shipping method, product / attribute combination, or product characteristics, Magento offers various promotion modes, such as percentage of the original price, fixed reduction, fixed destination price... Well done Magento for this new implentation of a generic feature that will answer a lot of business needs.