ExtJs grid Quicksearch

Ext Js grid component has more than just inline editing, sorting, paging : a little javascript knowledge can get you far. An example of a nice implementation is server sid grid filtering and quickserach provided as sample featured on EXTjs website. I particularly like the quicksearch that displays a drop box of fields available for search.

Grid feature : page number in scroll bar

I've come across another data grid implementation, this time base on mootools. One interesting feature of AJAX datagrids is the ability to scroll unlimited number of records without reloading the main page. Using the scroll bar instead of a opage numbering system can dramatically increase productivity when playing with large datasets. But one advantage of pagenumbering is that it is a good indication of where you stand and page number is often remembered by users as an efficient way of finding specific datarows.  DrasticTools is a collection of PHP and JS scripts that generate AJAX-based data managers and viewers for MySQL tables. DrasticGrid is a data grid that supports pagination, sorting, insertions, deletion and update of records : the most unique feature it implements is precisely the page number indication in the dynamic scroll bar, as highlighted on the screenshot above.

More on live grids : DHTMLXGRID

We 've covered Jquery, extjs and DOJO 's grid : even though they all cover a gerat amount of features, none of them opensource celebrities can compete with chaklf GPL half commercial DHTMLXGRID, that delivers all features you can expect from a modern HTML AJAX powered Grid : buffered data (unlimited scrolling), editable fields with rich in-cell editing, fixed multiline headers/footers, resizable, sortable and draggable columns, built-in filtering, searching and grouping capabilities. Numerous event handlers let you add necessary interactivity to grid-based interfaces .The only drawback to relying on such vendors is that one day -it's probably a matter of weeks- the opensource geeks will be up to date, including many more functions and compatibility guarantees. In the meanwhile, if you can't afford to wait, go for DHTMLXGRID with GPL license. If you plan to switch technologies, make sure your server side data delivery complies to standards datasources supported by most javascript grids, such as XML or JSON.

ExtJS Live Grid

We have covered Jquery's flexigrid, which delivers a great range of features. The article was the occasion of a review of various grids delivered by other libraries, such as openrico, ExtJS or dojo. This article here focuses on a another version of data grid, delivered on EXTJS by Jack Slocum. The big feature of Jack's grid is its buffer that allows to read chunks of data from an underlying storage (common use case: a database) without the need of paging. OpenRico does that too, by the way, but it hasn't evolved much since 2006. The advantage of Ext JS LiveGrid Component is that it relies on popular EXTJS javascript extension.