5 Opensource applications built around Zend Framework

a lot of expereiences are currently being performed on the Zend Framework platform, but a few are really usable in production environement.

  • Magento is obviously the best example of how Zend Framework can bring power and ease  of development via a PHP enabled template system. The most popular opensource ecommerce application has been downloaded more that a million times and is still considered  a revolutionnary project after 2 years of production.
  • Digitalus CMS is a Zend framework based Content Management System. We covered it a while ago
  • Joobsbox is a job board application developped on top of Zend Framewor, not quite stable yet (nice implementation of hirearchical tree does not handle sub pages very well yet, worth the try)
  • Dodo is a perfect tutorial for starting with the Zend_Application environment, and it is also a good tasks application
  • EasyPhpApp is a CRUD generator that can save you time when working with a lot of database tables (see our previous article on Zend framework scaffolding)

and also you can try, tine 2.0, a powerful groupware application that uses extjs beautifully (covered a while ago too on this blog)