Form builders : getting hot

A few months ago I published a quick comparison of 3 opensource cmses that come with a form builder. At the time the form builder feature was quite new and innovative, it now comes as a standard feature in a lot of web publishing solutions. I have reviewed a few hosted form makers, such as

They all have very nice interfaces including data gathering and statistics but the one I loved best was MachForm that is also distributed as a standalone application fro a very reasonable price. It uses Jquery as the main javascript library and lets the user build forms using drag and drop. One good idea is the composite field that lets the user add adresse field in one click. The screenshot below displays my own translation of the admin interface to french.


JotForm, Form making for everyone

There is a lot to say about the knowledge of making forms for the internet : we have recently covered form making interfaces on applications such as WordPress and Silverstripe, and this article focuses on JOTFORM and other hosted web service that let its registered users build form, and save them as HTML to be displayed on any website, and processed by a distant platform hosted by the service. Submission can then be sent by email or kept on server databases for access from registered user account. While JOTFORM seems relatively simple compared to competitor FormAssembly's conditional multiple page infrastructure, it hosts interesting features such as payment gateway processing.

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Making forms : WordPress CFORMS vs Silverstripe

you've heard about web2.0 for years, and you want to go for it ? Well you might have guessed : WEB2.0 is all about user interactivity, and interactivity is all about forms. Making forms is a boring business, requires many different skills : displaying, validating, processing . Obviously what you do with the data is the most important thing , but this article will focus on the 2 first aspects of form making. Among Content Mangament Systems, I have tried two which have a visual form building interface : WordPress with CFORMS plugin and Silverstripe's userDefinedForm page type.

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