Ajax Calendar plugin for past, present and future wordpress event management

[update 2013-09-01]

Version 1.3 of Ajax Calendar Future plugin  is now published on :  Sorry for the mess with include files, should be fixed now. Feel free to comment below if you encouter problems. current development for version 1.4 include calendar synchronisation with current post (display july in calendar if post was published in july).

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This plugin is one of the most simple way to use standard wordpress post system to build specific business applications

  • event calendar for wordpress
  • publication schedule for book editors
  • meeting planning for groups

the plugin creates a monthly calendar with top and bottom month navigation, with the option to ajaxify the bottom next and previous links  :

  • Ajax on : click on next / previous to reload the calendar without reloading archive page
  • Ajax off (default) : click on next / previous loads the archive page for the selected month




WordPress Plugin : Ajax calendar with future posts

Ajax calendar with future posts : widget for displaying calendar, with day links and ajax month navigation, including wordpress query filters for displaying future posts, future archive pages. Very useful for events websites

This new plugin is an extension of :

instead of using the get_calendar function from the core wordpress includes, I duplicate it in the plugin and modify it.

Download Ajax calendar with future posts plugin on wordpress plugins