What is EYELASH ?

  • Eyelash is a PHP  single or multiple album image management tool that is designed to work on LAMP Platforms
  • We distribute Eyelash on this website  for the small fee of 10$ : for this price you get access to the code of a professionnaly coded application that relies on popular libraries such as Code Igniter, Uploadify, Jquery

What do I need to run EYELASH requires ?

  • HARDWARE / HOST : a webserver / web host  with PHP 5, Mysql
    Notes :
    • Eyelash is designed to work on shared hosting with low memory and cpu requirements
    • You can install eyelash in root directory (www or htdocs) , also works seamlessly in sub folders 
  • Installation Knowledge : Basic webmaster skills with  following parameters  
    • FTP :  upload host, user and password
    • Mysql  : host, user, password, database name
  • User : Flash enabled browser (for uploading)

What features  does EYELASH  provide ?

  • Database multi album image management  : 
    • Ajax / flash based upload with progress bar
    • unlimited file size upload, automatic resizing for display in the admin
    • Jquery based drag and drop reordering
  • MVC coding, based on CodeIgniter framework
  • EYELASH is very easy to install : it comes with its web based  installer
     just unzip, run /install and as long as your mysql and php are OK you're running !!!
  • Important : remember to delete the install folder for security reasons
  • Configuration : all configuration files are in application/config folder
    • Database access is configured automatically in the install (config/database.php)
    • General code igniter config (config/config.php)
      • language (english by default)
      • available languages : english  /french
      • you can create you own language file with localised strings in application/languages
    • Eyelash  configuration Options( application/config/eyelash.php )
      • multiple albums : true / false
  • If you have a problem, we are here to provide unlimited email support


Yes you can : the demo is online (single album demonstrated) : click here ( user is eyelash and password... eyelash too)


How do I purchase ? 

Click here to purchase on webmasterbulletin's online shop