Efficient SEO with Advanced Web Ranking dedicated software

Keyword analysis from search engine results, keyword density advice from your website content, evolution of specific website ranking data (position, rank, competitors), these are some of the powerful web site ranking analysis features provided by Advanced Web Ranking, distributed online by Caphyon Ltd.

Before you engage costly advertising programs for your website, be sure you have explored the powers of natural search engine optimization, one technique that provides best Return on Investment. A set of techniques that can doesn’t require financial investments but will certainly prove time consuming : natural search engine optimization means that you’re going to spend a few weeks monitoring the website you’re working on, and try to improve position in search engines on specific keywords.

It’s quite easy to work on one or two main keywords. But most websites rely on powerful content management platforms such as wordpress, or e commerce application like Magento, and have the potential to render thousands of distinct pages with unique content. That’s where real work starts, and there are two main reasons why I would recommend the assistance of specific search engine ranking software like Advanced  Web Ranking. I’ve tested the software in a localized version for French websites, and the amount of reports it can produce is worth the few minutes required to handle the configuration  learning. I will explain below the three angles of time consuming tasks that the software can save.

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Cuil Launches Biggest Search Engine on the Web

Did you have a look at your server logs these last few days ? Ever worried about a stranger twiceler robot ? Well Cuil (Irish for knowledge) is the answer, a new search engine that aims to challenge google ! Press release : MENLO PARK, Calif.—July 28, 2008—Cuil, a technology company pioneering a new approach to search, unveils its innovative search offering, which combines the biggest Web index with content-based relevance methods, results organized by ideas, and complete user privacy. Cuil (www.Cuil.com) has indexed 120 billion Web pages, three times more than any other search engine.

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Create url for mod_rewrite

Creating urls with Search engine optimized keywords from database records involves more than just mod_rewrite and htaccess synchronization. The first step of a good search engine indexing strategy is to take one of your database fields as index (title is a good one) , transform it by removing spaces, special characters, and if necessary append record unique identifier to the generated string. Here is a sample function that transforms a string to make it file compliant using a regular expression to discard non alphanumeric characters and replace spaces with dashes :

function make_url($string){

$pattern = "([^[[:alnum:]|[:space:]|[:blank:]])+";
$anchor = ereg_replace($pattern, '', strtolower($string));
$pattern = "([[:space:]]|[[:blank:]])+";
$anchor = ereg_replace($pattern, '-', $anchor);
return short_name($anchor); // return the short filtered name
} # end function