Jquery preload images

the implementation of jquery photo gallery is better performed when the thumbnail is dynamiccaly generated via some  magic library such as the old phpthumb. But this method doubles the amount of  images to load, especially the big ones that we want to pop in on thumbnail click. And that's where comes Ariel Flesler's jquery preload plugin, that allows some various configuration using jquery selector to specify which images should be preloaded. Another jquery plugin takes all images from css files and preload them, can be useful on all websites that rely on background images in styles.

Flash Moto, web based CMS


The expertise around Flash / Flex based CMS is building up a new area for content management. We haven't had the pleasure to try out the software but the building of wysiwyg interfaces is a promising business, as long as the HTML and Search engine optimization features of pure text are guaranteed : this is where we'd like to know more about FlashMoto's HTML publishing features, which uses the HTML version technique; meaning the flash based web site is also available as HTML for search engines and non flash browser. This technique is also used by Silex RIA, another Flash based CMS.

What distinguishes FlashMoto from a range of other flash content management systems is that it is the first Flash CMS based on ActionScript 3 and realized as RIA on Flex.   The websites powered by FlashMoto are controlled just like a standard CMS but with the extras that Flash offers.  FlashMoto provides a set of SEO tools what makes the Flash CMS website completely crawlable and seen by search engines.

Flash CMS from FlashMoto is characterized by a range of other features:
- ability to add unlimited number of pages;
- convenient WYSIWYG page and pop-up editor;
- rich media library;
- infomodule component;
- video and image gallery component;
- video and MP3 players component;
- deep linking and Google Analytics integration;
- comprehensive documentation and tutorials.

Fuzzle flash based CMS

Fuzzle CMS screenshot (en)web

Fuzzle CMS is a promising Flash CMS delevoped by a group of Russian programmers. The system is claimed to be an extra easy way for creating Flash website thanks to visual content management. Note, Fuzzle’s website is also made with this CMS. Fuzzle brings you advantages of Flash and HTML in one system and affords you create and maintain your website's content without knowing anything about programming. Flash web sites are differ from regular HTML sites mainly by their presentational abilities: Flash technology allows incorporating complex animations and reach multimedia content. However, Flash sites are considered to have such disadvantages as longer time of development (therefore more cost), harder updating, bad search engines ranking. Fuzzle is breaking these stereotypes!
Main Fuzzle features are: :
- multilinguality;
- simple management (convenient visual editing based on blocks placement and multiple selection of blocks );
- design integration from a draft within 5 minutes;;
- SEO support (HTML version auto generation, DeepLinking support);
- continuously replenished Widget Store availability;
- availability of an open simple API for external developers.

Opensource Time Tracking application

I ust went for a few minutes of time tracking and found that Kimai is really a neat and well designed PHP/ Mysql
/ Jquery opensource application. Designed for multi users, it implements a very  simple one click time tracking  interface : select the project / customer you're working on, click on play, and there you are,  time starts running. close your browser or leave it open, you can come back to the application to stop the counter and your work is tracked in database records that permits all kinds of reports and statistics. Even though the application works well for those who plan to work full time on a single project / task for a few hours  (implying a start  moment and a end moment), it also works well   to handle end of the day assessments by simply writing tasks and times.  Very good job. What could I improve on this ? tags handling as in wordpress !! (telephone, writing, programming...). And instead of a fixed client / project / task hierarchy, probably easier to understand for most users, I would rather have gone for unlimited sub levelled hierarchy of tasks..


extJS Row Editor component

EXTJS 3.0 is coming with a new release candidate that illustrates a new feature we've been waiting for : the row editor component comines grid / grideditor features to allow single line editing features, as illustrated below. The row editor class works with the add button and the live example provided is a nice show case of  grid linking with charts.

PDF Publishing: comparing solutions

A lot of magazine publishers now use online readers to let subscribers read thei publications online, via what is called a PDF book reader. Online services provide such an interface, with functions and prices that vary. We've investigated two of these providers : ISSUUE and CAMELEO. More here

  Issuu Calameo
Flash based reader yes yes
Suggestions/related yes yes
Multimedia (sound) yes yes
Messaging yes yes
Formats (output) web, PDF web, PDF
Private publishing yes yes
input file formats PDF, Word, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, RTF, Word Perfect and ODT, WPD, SXW, ODP, SXI PDF, OpenOffice, MS Office, and text
Directory yes yes
Tags yes yes
Upload multiple documents yes yes
Groups no yes
Comments yes yes
Share yes yes
Ads yes no
Free plan yes yes

EXTJS enhanced AutoGrid : CRUD enabled

The Autogrid ext js extension, delivered via the ext js forums, is a quick grid extension that does not come with inline editing features but is ready for the job. The purpose of this autogrid is to enable quick building of datagrid via server side loading of meta information for columns. The autosave feature allows the user to keep the grid's configueration over various sessions. 

I have worked a few hours to deliver this refoactoring of the autogrid that is an extension of the EditorGridPanel, and it brinbgs new features :

  • save order and direction of query sort
  • allow inline editing including specific field for dates (can easily be extended)
  • sends new data to server in the form of field name / field value, allowing quick writing of generic save queries.

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