Dreamweaver vs sublime FTP

I don't mind paying for a good editor when it serves its purpose. I've tested quite a few, including php nusphere on windows. On MAc I have Sublime but I find the lack of develpment frustrating when some basic features like FTP are still limited to 10 sites !!


So I renewed my adobe cloud subscription and am currently tryin to get alon gwith dreamweaver, my old friend. It has a few things I can't find though :

  • comment code from shortcut (on sublime antislash did the job perfectly on css and php)
  • remember project opend files

n the other sied, dreamweaver has a very good free specific wordpress code hinting addon : https://creative.adobe.com/addons/products/392#.U47gwZR_unY

updating wordpress svn with a mac

there is a very good document on doing SVN client on mac on this site "zigpress", but if you choose the command line tools option, you might encounter some tricky errors that took me a few hours to solve : when doing a diff on my wordpress event plugin after installing the command line option on my MAC OS 10.8.4 and specifiying the usr bin folder in the svnx preferences as illustrated below, I got the following errors


  • "svnx xcode-select filemerge no xcode folder is set"
    Answer  : in my case the solution was to use the  xcode-select tool to specify the usr bin folder : sudo xcode-select -switch /usr/bin
  • after sorting the stuff I tried the diff and the default diff tool, even though present in usr/bin, does not work :
    "xcrun: Error: failed to exec real xcrun. (No such file or directory)"
    Solution  : do as indicated on the zigpress : download and use textwrangler diff feature

Work with images, faster than speed of light with skitch

skitch is the application I dreamed of when blogging or managing web site content. The idea is simple and it was just waiting to be developped : skitch is a light picture / image processing software and webservice that does the save, screen grab and gives you a few tools to work on the image, and finally upload the result to your ftp or an online host on skitch.com, while loading your desktop cut/paste buffer with the url : the final task you have to perform now is to go back to your favourite online cms and place the image. I know that sounds long but beleive me this is much faster than working with Photoshop, saving the immage locally and uploading it via your administration. Oh, detail : skitch is available for mac only.

Dreamweaver vs Aptana for PHP development

I recently started working with Aptana Studio after spending years on Dreamweaver  : one can only find advantages for such a migration. Aptana Studio, distributed freely, stands the comparison and comes with additional features worth trying. Here I write down some quick elements of comparison.

  • both handle righ clik FTP uploading : Aptana via the synchronisation menu and Dreamweaver via the profile configuration. I have found that my dreamweaver version (v8) sometimes forget FTP user and password configuration : this last bug was actually my main reason for trying out APTANA studio !!
  • XML validation : the default DTD validation parser in Aptana seems to have a bug : won't find the declared DTD for a XML file that stands in the same folder ...
  • PHP function browser : the PHP PDT eclipse extension works in Aptana and delivers wonderful class and function browser. Very useful ! 
  • Project wide search : Aptana allows you to work while it's searching, while Dreamweaver (v8) freeezes until it has found all occurences. But aptana doesn't have multi line search.
  • Memory usage (Windows XP) : I compared both softwares executing with one file open. On this point Dreamweaver has an advantage. If you can't afford heavy JAVA memory usage (250 Mb) for Aptana, then you might think of lighter Dreamweaver (50Mb).

Google Chrome : new browser challenges firefox and ie

no more chrashing browser because of a single flash app freezing : multi threading is a feature that seems to drive google's new browser imminent release, but not the only one. Google says "new applications have been deployed since browser were invented so we needed to rewrite the whole thing from scratch". More today with press conference scheduled at its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters Tuesday at 11 a.m. PDT.