Cushy CMS administrates static pages

Cushy CMS, hosted Content Managemant platform, has invented an efficient concept : just modify the HTML code of your pages by addinc the "cushycms" class attribute to HTML elements, and these elements will be made editable via Cushy CMS' interface. Technically, CushyCMs analyses your page, grabs appropriate elements and builds an editor within its interface. It then modifies the HTML code of the pages and transfers them to your host via FTP. Simple and efficient.

Iphone wordpress blogger application

This is hot : managing content with a mobile phone was only a distant dream for the masses until this application came live. the WordPress for Iphone application is the kind of add on that makes you buy a phone if you're a wordpress blogger, or that would make you swithc to wordpress if you were wondering which blogging platform is best. More than that, Iphone for wordpress lets you work with any self hosted wordpress (2.5.1 or higer) application, WordPress MU 1.5.1, or even blogging platform !! The App works with the new iPhone 3G, the first generation iPhone, and the iPod Touch. Its code has been released as opensource for developers to debug.

Digitalus CMS : for ZEND framework and Jquery addicts

It's always hard to choose when having to develop CMS based websites : there are litteraly thousands of solutions out there, and even when you think you've found the ultimate software (have a look at silvertripe), a new one comes in that changes the whole story. That might be the case for Digitalus CMS, whose objective is not to be the best out there, but to provide a foundation for solid web site  development. As such it is a good start to rely on popular technologies, such as Zend Framework and Jquery. We'll never be able  to decide which is best, because the final solution is the one that you're the most happy to work with : as such Digitalus is good bet if you have experience with Zend framework and wish to start with basic features such as suearch engine, page and menu builders, privileges management. And in the end, software keeps evolving, but if one can judge from other features described on  Digitalus website, this one has good reason to convince you to try it out !

ExtJS Live Grid

We have covered Jquery's flexigrid, which delivers a great range of features. The article was the occasion of a review of various grids delivered by other libraries, such as openrico, ExtJS or dojo. This article here focuses on a another version of data grid, delivered on EXTJS by Jack Slocum. The big feature of Jack's grid is its buffer that allows to read chunks of data from an underlying storage (common use case: a database) without the need of paging. OpenRico does that too, by the way, but it hasn't evolved much since 2006. The advantage of Ext JS LiveGrid Component is that it relies on popular EXTJS javascript extension.

Jquery / DHTML enhanced multiple selects

The alternative to checkboxes (nice but space consuming) and multiple select (space efficient but not very intuitive for multiple selections) is there : a combination of single select and DHTML code is the point that Michal Wojciechowski's article develops on the subject. it's worth the read if you plan to change your multiple select, explains various Javascript methods to process interactivity, you have the choice between DOM and Jquery and Michal goes further to a detailed explanation of PHP processing of form input.

JotForm, Form making for everyone

There is a lot to say about the knowledge of making forms for the internet : we have recently covered form making interfaces on applications such as WordPress and Silverstripe, and this article focuses on JOTFORM and other hosted web service that let its registered users build form, and save them as HTML to be displayed on any website, and processed by a distant platform hosted by the service. Submission can then be sent by email or kept on server databases for access from registered user account. While JOTFORM seems relatively simple compared to competitor FormAssembly's conditional multiple page infrastructure, it hosts interesting features such as payment gateway processing.

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Online Image editing : jquery’s way

My last article on Silvesrtripe CMS online image editing feature led me to investigate alternative solution for websites and software developers that wish to implement this kind of component for their backoffice.. Surfing on CAKEPHP framework homepage turned out to illustrate perfectly the kind of component that should be standard on all CMS : resizing is now pretty common, and what we want now is cropping. There is actually a plugin for jquery that does the interface job, ImgAreaSelect. ImgAreaSelect come with loads of configuration options that make it a perfect tool for cropping images : the selection area is responsive, draggable, and can be adjusted to work only within specified limits or predefined aspect ratio. What's missing in Jquery is the server side of things, and you'll find that either on webmotionUK for pure PHP or on CAKEPHP's site for Cake integration.

Content Manager from Webgate anywhere

A lot of nice names for this commercial J2EE based content management system that demonstrates extensive use of best dynamic HTML practice, with the help of the very special extJS library. The problem with that demonstration is that it will take you a while before you can test it on your development servers as you will have to go through commercial business AND serious java expertise in collaboration with Innovation Gate, the german company that develops this system. But it's worth the try : this CMS goes further than basic content and workflow management : cross browser is not enough, WGA is also "cross client" : Browser (IE and Mozilla), Lotus Notes, MSWord, HTML- and XML-Editors or Email are acceptable platform to work with the system that allows publishing content to any media : Web, Cell phone, PDA, pdf. Finally, WGA allows to integrate any data source and to deal with it as "virtual repositories". Invoices from SAP, business cases from CRM, data sheets from relational databases - all "business objects" are treated as content, just as if they were Web content maintained by authors.

Making forms : WordPress CFORMS vs Silverstripe

you've heard about web2.0 for years, and you want to go for it ? Well you might have guessed : WEB2.0 is all about user interactivity, and interactivity is all about forms. Making forms is a boring business, requires many different skills : displaying, validating, processing . Obviously what you do with the data is the most important thing , but this article will focus on the 2 first aspects of form making. Among Content Mangament Systems, I have tried two which have a visual form building interface : WordPress with CFORMS plugin and Silverstripe's userDefinedForm page type.

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drag & drop tree

Drag and Drop Tree Component . Allows dragging of nodes within a tree, dragging external objects to a tree, and dragging nodes to a custom trash object, re-ordering nodes with drag & drop, populating the tree from an xml document, retrieving an xml string representing the tree

VSO image resizer

This great little free application focuses on one simple task : resize and optimize your pictures for web publishing. We got to use and became addict because of the very simple right click feature, which allows anyone to resize pictures just before sending them to the web, while browsing your workstation for the best illustration. as such it really is a producticvity tool, which also suports raw formats, such as canon's cr2 !!

Monoslideshow : versatile and efficient

Monoslide show is a great gallery / slideshow flash applet that takes images list from user edited XML configuration file. One of its great features, apart from the incredible flexibility it allows, is the quality of the transition effects, such as Random Ken Burns effect that will do the trick for most professionnal movie like silide shows ! One drawback is that it lacks a user friendly admin module, every configuration has to be edited via the XML file. Just that is powerful enough though, and worth its price.




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UvumiTools Gallery : light HTML enhancements

Working with HTML and Javascript is always interesting in terms of Search engine optimisation. What's nice about the Uvumi Tools  Gallery, distributed on MIT license, is not what you would notice at first sight when trying out this little mootools script. It actually starts off with a table like layout of thumbnails, which turns out to a vertical scroll bar after the first click on any image. This is where the fun comes in : the vertical scroll is driven by the mouse wheel and gives a nice feeling out of this light javascript / HTML combination. But don't be fooled  : its main advantage (being light) is also its main drawback ... won't generate thumbnails unless you work at a PHP -or anything server side language- integration. If you have a few minutes to spare, dare to take a look at Uvumi's textarea : integrates a progress bar that displays the ratio of words typed / allowed via a visual indicator of how close you are  to the maximum input size, also automatically grows and shrinks the textarea height to accommodate larger text submissions. More  @