Flash CMS goes opensource with SILEX GPL

Is full wyisiwyg still possible in a world of multiple technology convergence ? Working with Flash has many drawbacks among which HTML Search engine optimization is one of the most important. Silex CMS tackles with that issue and many more. And this opensource GPL FLASH CMS provides more than just content management via Flash based interface.

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WordPress parse posts for images

If it hadn't been there we'd have invented it.  Writing articles with inline images is a long job for a blogger, noone needs more time-consuming image presentation tasks. WP-Post-Banners is a standalone script / wordpress plugin that can mine your WordPress posts or any other data and look for images suiting a given dimension and generates ‘featured’ section for your site using the found items. The featured section, includes a resized image (banner) with the label, description and link of the related post or data.

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Concrete5, a new kind of framework based cms

New kind .. not really.. What is new with concrete 5 is that it takes all the best from best cms applicatins all over the planet : just like silverstripe, a powerful framework is the foundation of this user oriented cms. Just likie Typo3, you can easily browse the site and click edit to change some details of the content and / or structure... I haven't had the time to go around it yet but will talk about it more deeply soon. In the meanwhile let us know what you think. http://www.concrete5.org/

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More on live grids : DHTMLXGRID

We 've covered Jquery, extjs and DOJO 's grid : even though they all cover a gerat amount of features, none of them opensource celebrities can compete with chaklf GPL half commercial DHTMLXGRID, that delivers all features you can expect from a modern HTML AJAX powered Grid : buffered data (unlimited scrolling), editable fields with rich in-cell editing, fixed multiline headers/footers, resizable, sortable and draggable columns, built-in filtering, searching and grouping capabilities. Numerous event handlers let you add necessary interactivity to grid-based interfaces .The only drawback to relying on such vendors is that one day -it's probably a matter of weeks- the opensource geeks will be up to date, including many more functions and compatibility guarantees. In the meanwhile, if you can't afford to wait, go for DHTMLXGRID with GPL license. If you plan to switch technologies, make sure your server side data delivery complies to standards datasources supported by most javascript grids, such as XML or JSON.

Cushy CMS administrates static pages

Cushy CMS, hosted Content Managemant platform, has invented an efficient concept : just modify the HTML code of your pages by addinc the "cushycms" class attribute to HTML elements, and these elements will be made editable via Cushy CMS' interface. Technically, CushyCMs analyses your page, grabs appropriate elements and builds an editor within its interface. It then modifies the HTML code of the pages and transfers them to your host via FTP. Simple and efficient. http://www.cushycms.com/

Iphone wordpress blogger application

This is hot : managing content with a mobile phone was only a distant dream for the masses until this application came live. the WordPress for Iphone application is the kind of add on that makes you buy a phone if you're a wordpress blogger, or that would make you swithc to wordpress if you were wondering which blogging platform is best. More than that, Iphone for wordpress lets you work with any self hosted wordpress (2.5.1 or higer) application, WordPress MU 1.5.1, or even wordpress.com blogging platform !! The App works with the new iPhone 3G, the first generation iPhone, and the iPod Touch. Its code has been released as opensource for developers to debug.

Digitalus CMS : for ZEND framework and Jquery addicts

It's always hard to choose when having to develop CMS based websites : there are litteraly thousands of solutions out there, and even when you think you've found the ultimate software (have a look at silvertripe), a new one comes in that changes the whole story. That might be the case for Digitalus CMS, whose objective is not to be the best out there, but to provide a foundation for solid web site  development. As such it is a good start to rely on popular technologies, such as Zend Framework and Jquery. We'll never be able  to decide which is best, because the final solution is the one that you're the most happy to work with : as such Digitalus is good bet if you have experience with Zend framework and wish to start with basic features such as suearch engine, page and menu builders, privileges management. And in the end, software keeps evolving, but if one can judge from other features described on  Digitalus website, this one has good reason to convince you to try it out !

Content Manager from Webgate anywhere

A lot of nice names for this commercial J2EE based content management system that demonstrates extensive use of best dynamic HTML practice, with the help of the very special extJS library. The problem with that demonstration is that it will take you a while before you can test it on your development servers as you will have to go through commercial business AND serious java expertise in collaboration with Innovation Gate, the german company that develops this system. But it's worth the try : this CMS goes further than basic content and workflow management : cross browser is not enough, WGA is also "cross client" : Browser (IE and Mozilla), Lotus Notes, MSWord, HTML- and XML-Editors or Email are acceptable platform to work with the system that allows publishing content to any media : Web, Cell phone, PDA, pdf. Finally, WGA allows to integrate any data source and to deal with it as "virtual repositories". Invoices from SAP, business cases from CRM, data sheets from relational databases - all "business objects" are treated as content, just as if they were Web content maintained by authors.

Making forms : WordPress CFORMS vs Silverstripe

you've heard about web2.0 for years, and you want to go for it ? Well you might have guessed : WEB2.0 is all about user interactivity, and interactivity is all about forms. Making forms is a boring business, requires many different skills : displaying, validating, processing . Obviously what you do with the data is the most important thing , but this article will focus on the 2 first aspects of form making. Among Content Mangament Systems, I have tried two which have a visual form building interface : WordPress with CFORMS plugin and Silverstripe's userDefinedForm page type.

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drag & drop tree

Drag and Drop Tree Component . Allows dragging of nodes within a tree, dragging external objects to a tree, and dragging nodes to a custom trash object, re-ordering nodes with drag & drop, populating the tree from an xml document, retrieving an xml string representing the tree