Blog design showcase : Foozoo

The Foozoo design studio blog does not display images on its front page : black and white is the color of sobriety. Inside pages will feature, obviously, images, plus a nice soft blue font that highlights margins and  Based on the very simple Hemingway-19 theme for wordpress, Foozoo adds a few very interesting plugins. Most interesting is the WP-cumulus plugin that transforms the original tag cloud to a real Flash based sphere with mouse 3D effect.

Web developers, have a look at tine 2.0

For those interested in developping the best possible web based application, Tine2.0, formerly eGroupWare2.0, a combination of CRM and ERP,  is worth having a look at. Its multiple feature interface is one of the most intuitive multi panel screen you can imagine, built entirely out of javascript and HTML. Based on Extjs and Zend Framework, it demonstrates that those 2 popular technologies can -finally- work together to build sensible opensource applications with features of most sophisticated desktops : accordion menu that browses between various parts of the application, tere based menu for hierachical structures, dynamic grid for data scrolling, simultaneous record viewing below the data grid. The fact that the source code of Tine2.0 can be downloaded separately from packages you might already have installed ten times on your server will save you the hassle of finding interesting code lines. But i's not only design we're after here : PDF export at right click on  TIne2.0 contact management. More technical details would only bring enthusiasts on the project, especially after a quick look at developpers'WIKI where specific  conceptual choices are explained : MVC or not MVC, that is the question. Anyhow, when Rich Internet Applications is what you're looking for, try out Tine20 !!

Ken Burns effect : 3 solutions for smooth image transition

Remember MonoSlideShow ? It's worth its price but is being challenged by 2 javascript alternatives. Mootols and Jquery respectively handles nice image transitions with Ken Burns effect (Zoom-Translation combined movement) ,  via their SlideShow Class (Mootols) and CrossSlide plugin (Jquery). While the latter seems lighter, it offers the nice programmatic syntax to define exactly the level of zoom and time of transition for each image. The former has more options, such as a controller that mimics Monoslideshow's own mimic. The fact that these two alternative to a flash commercial applet might decide you to make a smart choice between them ?

CMS compare : Concrete5, WordPress, Silverstripe

This article makes a quick comparison of 3 popular PHP  Content management Systems :  Concrete5, Silverstripe and WordPress. While Concrete5 and Silverstripe are two real content management frameworks, WordPress is hugely popular as a blogging platform and each new version brings new feature that make it perfectly usable as a CMS, provided you install specific plugins such as PageMash.

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Zend Framework scaffolding, what’s cooking

The power of a framework is not often based on the speed at which it enables you to build applications :  the reason behind choices for using frameworks are often historical or political. In spite of this, as a developer, chosing a framework relies a lot on the ability to move from a model (database schema for instance) to a full CRUD  (Create-Read-Update-Delete) or BREAD (Browse-Read-Edit-Add-Delete) application. While Zend Framework does not seem ready for what we call scaffolding -quick buiding of interfaces from model-, quite a lot of people have thought about it and started working on it : it's worth haveing a look at and using as a start if you want to go further with Zend Framework and MVC development


  • EdwinV from Nederlands worked on the subject 2 years ago. his blog article is still interesting and provides a start for Zend Framework scaffolding. The zip works fine but requires you to create views for each table.
  • Whitewashing, another blog entry from germany, extends the  Zend_Controller_Action which uses   a Zend_Db_Table_Abstract model to generate lists, forms and links for BREAD. Author was inspired by codecaine, another very interesting Zend Framework blog.
  • Avesta is an out of date product built on top of Zend Framework

Google Chrome : new browser challenges firefox and ie

no more chrashing browser because of a single flash app freezing : multi threading is a feature that seems to drive google's new browser imminent release, but not the only one. Google says "new applications have been deployed since browser were invented so we needed to rewrite the whole thing from scratch". More today with press conference scheduled at its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters Tuesday at 11 a.m. PDT.

Grid feature : page number in scroll bar

I've come across another data grid implementation, this time base on mootools. One interesting feature of AJAX datagrids is the ability to scroll unlimited number of records without reloading the main page. Using the scroll bar instead of a opage numbering system can dramatically increase productivity when playing with large datasets. But one advantage of pagenumbering is that it is a good indication of where you stand and page number is often remembered by users as an efficient way of finding specific datarows.  DrasticTools is a collection of PHP and JS scripts that generate AJAX-based data managers and viewers for MySQL tables. DrasticGrid is a data grid that supports pagination, sorting, insertions, deletion and update of records : the most unique feature it implements is precisely the page number indication in the dynamic scroll bar, as highlighted on the screenshot above.

WordPress Plugin : blogroll pages

We provide here a modification of Mark Allen ' Blogroll page plugin, that inserts blogroll into any page of your blog . What we did here is modify his plugin to create more than just a list : we make pages out the blogroll list, one page per category. The first page lists categories with link to blogroll list for this category. Slight Modification but useful fo SEO. Future implementations should modify title page to integrate category description. Enjoy and let us know how it goes.

Drag & Drop page Order for wordpress

One feature that is not in latest wordpress is tha ability to sort content pages easily. The PageMash plugin is the best option to convert Wordperss to one of the best CMSes you'll find on PHP opensource. Imagine a 5minute installation that provides bloggin tools, including SPAM management (ASKIMET) plus Content Management with Wysiwyg and custom fields : that's wordpress with PageMash !! PageMash uses AJAX to implement a draggable hierachical page tree that allows administrator to manage the parent pages structure from administrative interface with an option to toggle the page to be hidden from output. Impressive.

Jquery picasa album scroller

Is it necessary to build an alternative picasa viewer when picasa itself provides nice flash gallery viewers ? for webmasters it turns out that sometimes it can be necessary to hide picasa details, and thanks to picasa itself providing various remote server access, you can use your albums within any kind of rss or json enabled application. We provide here an example of a JSON - jquery powered slideshow that takes input from any picasa album. The advantage of using picasa over hosted or specific applications such as famous menalto's gallery of coppermine is that picasa does resizing jobs for you, and offers up to 1 GB of free online image storage which largely enough for any small website presentation.

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Code generators for Flex

You've heard about Flex technology, have done your best with PHP Mysql and Javascript, would like to implement CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) generation for RIA (Rich Interface Applications). Here is a review of several posts that publish code generation FLEX.

  • flexamfphpgenerator is built on top of AMFPHP, Cairngorm, PHP and Flex 2.01
    it reads Mysql's information schema data and foreign keys and generates in place validators, datepickers, checkboxes and textinputs on our forms and generated full Command/Event/Model/Controller classes.
    Google Code Download is here
  • This tutorial uses POG (PHP Object Generator) , plus Flex and AFMPHP
  • FCG is an AIR application which primary goal is to automatically provide the base code for your RemoteObject based Flex applications. Basically, it means that it reads some code from the server side, and creates a bunch of MXML and AS files to boost your productivity. Its goal is not to create a ready-to-use application, but to provide the tools you need to do so as quickly as possible.

WordPress plugin : wp-link

The WP Link Directory is the first and the only one link directory plugin on the Internet for WordPress admin to store and maintain a set of links in classified categories. Useful for building content and getting other webmasters involved in your site's content development.

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Quick Ajax Point and click development with WaveMaker

WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio is an easy-to-use visual builder that enables the drag & drop assembly of scalable, web-applications using Ajax widgets, web services and databases. WaveMaker Studio will look and feel especially familiar to client/server developers who are used to working with visual tools such as Visual Basic, WEBDEV, or even Access. Relies on JAVA Spring and Hibernate framework, DOJO, JAX WS.

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Flash CMS goes opensource with SILEX GPL

Is full wyisiwyg still possible in a world of multiple technology convergence ? Working with Flash has many drawbacks among which HTML Search engine optimization is one of the most important. Silex CMS tackles with that issue and many more. And this opensource GPL FLASH CMS provides more than just content management via Flash based interface.

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WordPress parse posts for images

If it hadn't been there we'd have invented it.  Writing articles with inline images is a long job for a blogger, noone needs more time-consuming image presentation tasks. WP-Post-Banners is a standalone script / wordpress plugin that can mine your WordPress posts or any other data and look for images suiting a given dimension and generates ‘featured’ section for your site using the found items. The featured section, includes a resized image (banner) with the label, description and link of the related post or data.

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Concrete5, a new kind of framework based cms

New kind .. not really.. What is new with concrete 5 is that it takes all the best from best cms applicatins all over the planet : just like silverstripe, a powerful framework is the foundation of this user oriented cms. Just likie Typo3, you can easily browse the site and click edit to change some details of the content and / or structure... I haven't had the time to go around it yet but will talk about it more deeply soon. In the meanwhile let us know what you think.

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FlexCrud, automatic PHP database administration

This nice project should fulfill expectations of Mysql administrators and content managers with high expectations : FlexCrud is an Automatic generator of all ActionScript, MXML, and PHP code necessary for a system based on:

1) Flex 2.0
2) PHP
3) amfphp 1.9+

Uses PHP Doctrine as the database ORM tool (, and generate all required files with PHP and XTemplate (

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Phototype, yet another image manipulation tool

Browser based image manipulation tools are getting wiser as javascript libraries get widespread. 2 Dutch students have set up the  Ajaxorized blog that features examples of automatic transition effects (scriptaculous based), 3d image reflection with javascript,  but also a javascript / PHP GD image manipulation tool that can rotate, resize, flip, and write on images with javascript functions !! Phototype is the name of this nice prototype based javascript library.