Productivity for web site content managers

Quick Facts

  • Content Management : In the business of Internet Web Site Management since 1995, I have produced a series of web based content management interfaces for international companies: Northern Telecom (Canada - 1997), Alice (Paris - 2000), Inforad (Paris - 2007), Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne (Brest, Relecq Kerhuon - 2005) . In this industry of ever improving technology  I build solid software  : web based content management tools I have  developped as far as 2000 are still in use as of 2008.
  • E-commerce : I develop custom ecommerce solutions  such as online shopping cart, ERP integration, or specific requirements. Current assignments include Brittany-Shops (Brest), Groupe Tournon (Paris)
  • Extranet : customer relationship, profiling and digital delivery has become a vital part of the service industry. Content management also means building  extranet access on top of legacy database systems. Current assignments include Polyexpert  (Paris)

Other Personal facts

  • Erwan Pianezza is founder and owner of, popular french website that publishes positive and environmental information on a daily basis. (2000 visitors / day, 4 contributors). In 2005-2006 I  contributed to the NY based, now fully owned by Discovery Channel (1.5 billion subscribers worldwide).
  • Part of my work obviously  includes contribution to Opensource  Software : wysiwyg editor (2000), webxadmin, silverstripe, wordpress

Contact : Please contact me @ or via webmasterbulletin's contact form