Trending wysiwyg editors

the development of many blocks editor for wordpress including the now famous gutenberg, has sparked a new generation of  platform agnostic wysigyg editors, that can be integrated in custom developments, like laravel based applications

wysiwyg editors have been around since the early 2000s. They reproduce word like behaviour for HTML : 

  • is a powerful free  block style editor.
  • . Froala is quite expensive compared to free alternatives of course, but facilitates the web design process. It comes with a series of bootstrap design blocks that integrate perfectly with the editor.
  • of course the famous leaders in the wysiwyg area are tinymce and fckeditor

Layout editors allow more design possibilities by including wywisyg editors within row and column management system.

  • is a full layout editor that builds HTML pages
  • froala page
  • wordpress based produces clean bootstrap code while oxygen builder says it has the fastest rendering
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