is Gutenberg going wrong ?

There are strong signals out there from space that wordpress future versions will integrate a new advanced content manager, like the already popular visual composer or elementor among many others, including the new player KARMA website builder, that allow to work with advanced content layout, mainly via the construction of column based visual design. After receiving many of those signals (news, messages, etc...) to  my brain, I decided I should try this out, available as a free plugin for beta testers. Well in my opinion this does not look like good news for wordpress.

We wordpress users and fanatics should admit that in spite of its wide popularity (today powers 30% of the web), wordpress is not the best piece of software to work with making websites. The code is anarchic, resource intensive, and even if I have to say I've run my longest surviving websites on wordpress (13 years on the same platform is a record), I can not be sure they're all my best achievements.

and let's talk about visual code editors  : we've all tried the clumsy visual composer, which in spite of its lack of HTML efficiency, is one of the oldest - if not best - graphic design tool for the wordpress powered web sites. That was a precursor, and now there are a lot of similar opensource / fremium alternatives that do a wonderful job. TRying Gutenberg in its present state just brought me back to the old age when wordpress was no more than a blogging platform for nerds.

There is no doubt that developpment of Gutenberg will go on, but it might no be the wisest thing to go with, opensource is fine but not to the extreme where you have to go backwards just to stay open.

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