Beyond the wordpress theme paradigm : block based design

Ever wondered how to share  common design elements between wordpress sites ? A lot of predesigned themes that are used in thousands of websites use predefined templates that allow you to play with variable layouts, but what if you want to design a neat block based page and use elements in pages as you want ?

There is a big constraint when working with predefined themes : can't get out of them easily. I discovered the idea of block based design after trying out the free mobirise static website builder, which allowed me to work out a simple full width responsibe  site in a few minutes.

Layout editors like visual composers or elementor now incorporate predesigned pages too : the obligation to use  a specific theme to get the design you want is now less important than before, time to move to block based design.

In its essence, the best solution I have found for responsive block based design is Visual Composer Extension — Block Builder + Addons, an additional plugin developped by pixelthrone, and sold on themeforest. The concept is very well layed out and the extension works as a folder organised list of specific blocks. Combining the now universal VISUAL COMPOSER extension with a list of predefined blocks seems an ideal combination for bringing web based block editing to the web.


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