Building custom option toolset with magento and woocommerce

In the process of comparing magento and woocommerce, I went through the search of a plugin / extension that creates generic set of options (custom option template) to be used on products. the advantage of generic option toolset is that products of the same family often share the same set of options : modify one in the template modifies them all, this feature is a basic sanity procedure but it is not implenented in default magento, nor woocommerce. Option management in Woocommerce is horrible, while magento has a quite efficient interface for working with options, but in both cases you want to work generic and use a single point of definition for custom options.

  • Magento has many  extensions that do the job, they range from 50$ to 250$, I have tested the average one by LITEXTENTION, works fine and allows to import options templates, as a generic modifiable template, or import the custom options as fixed options for the product.
  • For woocommerce, the plugin ecosystem is not very rich on that purpose but the job has been done too, and comes the very accessible cost of 19$ : the WooCommerce Extra Product Options from a company called ThemeComplete is available on CodeCanyon, and it seems to be a very useful option because it has been sold more than 11000 times !!
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