WordPress customizer : style chooser

I started working with scss bootstrap variables : very easy now to build dozens of color variations for your favorite all in one theme. Imagine you have ten stylesheets to choose from : you can reuse the same theme everywhere and concentrate on color choosing. Here is the piece of code for wordpress customizer that will allow you to select a stylesheet (named main-something.css) among all available from the dist / style folder !!


Woocommerce : working with automatic emails

Woocommerce, the most popular ecommerce extension for wordpress, comes with a very efficient HTML template based automatic email system. The first thing to look for when customizing wordpress automatic emails is to go to the woocommerce/settings/emails area, where you can customize the subject of the emails for creating new account, new order, etc... If you want more customization , you have to go your theme and override the default woocommerce email templates.

After that you can test how mails react with the following extensions