Gravity forms : create a new composite field

Ever wanted to create a new type of advanced field for gravity forms ?  for example, I needed to create a dimension field with two select boxes, limiting the choices available for selecting a dimension in centimeters and millimiters. Well it took me quite a while to find out that a lot of documentation on the web is outdated : the "simple field addon" published on git hub simply does not work on latest gravity forms (version 2.0.6 as of today)... Instead of trying to debug that one I found a better explanation of extending fields on gravity forms GF_FIELD documentation page. It turns out that extending that main class in a simple file that you can include in your theme (or create a plugin from it), works fine. here is a sample code taken from the standard time field, quickly transformed to a centimeter / millimeter select box. NO GUARANTEE that this works, it is in development, it still contains some code from the original time field,  I will post updates as I progress, feel free to use it and make your own plugin out of this one



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