Testing bootstrap for woocommerce

developing custom theme for woocommerce is quite easy : default product archive view are coded within the plugin. But if you need to go deeper, why not try the famous bootstrap code framework.

  • My first attempt at a starter theme led me to try SAGE from ROOTS. Very good tutorial showed me how to install the theme from git clone, then install node js and gulp. I don't understand why so many folders are created in my theme though, really interferes with theme coding. Well this is not theme related but that's how far I got with SAGE and gulp. I also managed to implement a good default navigation system using classic bootstrap menu walker.. Strange that this would come by default to SAGE theme
  • Second attempt with a bootstrap theme is also from GIT, and it's not too bad either : wordpress-bootstrap has this top fixed navigation implemented, even though  it's not exactly mobile responsive yet  . But this is not very disturbing. this theme is also interesting because it comes with language management...
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