Woocommerce category admin early release

Hi all, this is 2016 and after analysing many customer comments from both magento and wordpress shops, I decided to switch to wordpress... But the category / product management interface in woocommerce is not easy for previous Magento users and this is why I created this new plugin (not yet released on wordpress.org) to display categories and products together with the hierarchy. Obviously is for developers and I hope this will help you make the switch to wordpress, please go and download this early release of the future Full Woo Commerce Admin plugin, and most importantly, please comment !!

The idea of this plugin comes from the best opensource ecommerce platform after woocommerce : Magento really beats them all in terms of ease of administration, and the most interesting feature is the category tree hierarchy with products display : this plugin brings this magical feature to wordpress.

Download : very early release - WARNING  : this is for developers only !!


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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Wow! I've been looking for a plugin like this for weeks! I could not believe that WooCommerce had no way to view do this! I have hundreds of product categories, and was struggling to find a way to visualize the hierarchy in the admin area! If you are inspired to build this out to be like http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-admin-category-tree-/10876618 so I can manage my categories as well, then I'm all for paying for your plugin!!!

    • erwan pianezza
      erwan pianezza says:

      That is exactly the plan Alex, I started working on my own plugin after buying the one you mention only to find out that it does not work, author does not respond... Hopefully I will manage to get it out soon with basic features

    • CHris
      CHris says:

      I have some problem and looking for the plugin to have better management of the categories and products, hope the plugin will be come out soon.


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