Beyond mobirise website builder

Six months after writing my mobirise review, I'm still amazed at the quality of this free software. It has spawned a new business model for my web design business in the west of Brittany where I deal with an important  market share  of customers who do not wish to pay for wordpress or CMS powered web design : small and medium companies just need to be online, not to pay for extra content management services they absolutely do not need.

SELF HOSTED web site creation 

This is why I am investigating domain management and webdesign, and two new tools have caught my attention. Remember SILEX FLASH CMS ? their original website has gone down and there is a new SILEX, are these the same guys ? anyway this is a good web design interface that generates static HTML and sends it straight to your FTP. the project is available online for try and test and abuse (free) !! and also hosted on github. But I honestly don't know if it generates modern pages like MOBIRISE does... I have also been looking at another self hosted solution, that runs on CPANEL, this is useful for hosting business where you want to give your customers access to website design : look at KOPAGE if you want something dynamic  integrated into your webhosing CPANEL package, or Aloha Editor, opensource javascript application that provides a very neat editing interface for HTML pages, and its PHP integration CreateJS. Or opensource SITECAKE

FREE website creation tools

apart from squarespace or WIX, a dozen of website creation tools allow to start free : investigating domain reservation api led me to try moonfruit which has lot of initial templates to start from. But the real deal breaker is pagecloud, which promises to create your HTML5/  CSS compliant webpage straight from photoshop


To conclude,  let's return to static generation : I have found a really net webdesign app that will cost you 70 bucks, I really like the HTML it produces, and that's all for now, here is a screenshot, enter BLOCAPP for mac, their front page says it all : simplicity, quality, clarity ...





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