Mastering drag and drop with Qards for wordpress

It's been a long way since wysiwyg editing was introduced to  wordpress via the implementation of tinymce for wordpress, back in 2005 with the release of version 2 of the famous blogging platform. The world of WYSIWYG editing was just in its early stages and the possibility of front end editing was still a dream. It's now a common feature of most content editing plugins for wordpress, and the front end editing feature is actually in good position for core integration, even though the best candidate plugin for that is now in "inactive" status as it was not updated for months.

Today advanced users of wordpress are familiar with tools like Visual Composer who has become a de facto standard for complex page layout editing. The recent addition of front end editing  in the plugin has not brought magic to the drag and drop usability of the stuff but it can help in tricky situations. A big drawback of Visual Composer is the complex code it produces and the not so easy use of its many functions and add-ons.

Enter Qards, a new plugin for wordpress that comes with a really new approach and threatens to end work for developers. Well if that could be true ! One thing is certain, Qards stands out as  a new step in the development of powerful user interfaces for building web sites.

First trial of the plugin brings a good feeling and ease of use. In seconds you design and prototype surprisingly neat layout of modern looking pages : full screen pages, image grids, text and video combined within attractive predefined and responsive layouts. A beginner will not have difficulties working with Qards but the experienced  wordpress developer will have to spend some time getting away from traditionnal wordpress tools.

For small websites it seems the perfect tool. For big web sites qards suffers for lack of compatibility with the basic wordpress tools : admin bar, media library, widgets , sidebars, footers are useful for website building and they are not perfect within wordpress, but we need some link to the tool we know to embark new stuff like Qards.

More about Qards drag and drop plugin :

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