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The famous Event Calendar wordpress plugin from Modern Tribe Company is one of the most popular event manager for wordpress. It creates a custom post type with all required field for event management, and comes with several views including a monthly grid view with very nice tooltips. Many free extensions exist for that plugin and one of them is the category color for event calendar, very useful for dealing with categories and colors for event display in the grid. What was missing was the yearly view and here comes a quick review of how I implemented it on my customer that delivers renewable energy traininig in brittany.

  • create a new template with a loop using the function 
    global $bzhEventDate;
    $bzhEventDate= '2015-03-01' ; tribe_show_month( array( 'eventDate' => $bzhEventDate ), 'month-small' );
  • customise month grid stylesheet to display smaller grid : 
    #tribe-events-content {height:400px; margin-bottom:0}
    #tribe-events-content table.tribe-events-calendar { font-size:11px; }
    .tribe-events-month {display:inline; float:left; width:30%; margin-right:2%}
    #tribe-events-content .tribe-events-calendar td {height:50px; padding-bottom:0}
  • customize event calendar views (month-small)
  • don't forget to add styles to body class (functions .php)
    add_filter( 'body_class','breizhwave_classes_body' );
    function breizhwave_classes_body( $classes ) {
    if (is_page("3088"))
    $classes[] = 'events-gridview';
    return $classes;


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