10 minutes to try a wordpress theme option framework

Professional wordpress themes come with so many features and options that it seems impossible to cover them all : how do they do it ? how can you even think of building your own professionnal theme for wordpress if you have to start working on options before you start to code the layout ? here comes options framework plugins that you integrate in your theme, and we do a quick review comparison of them all

  • reddux framework is distributed  as a plugin that you can integrate in your theme. It comes with a full featured working option set and seems to be the most featured plugin for configuring theme options
  • unyson is a bit more difficult to integrate but it comes with several plugins including a layout composer which is similar to the almost universal visual composer.
  • fluent framework helps you add options not only to wordpress / theme but also to any custom post and  / or taxonomy : useful for adding fields to pages and / or posts
  • Titan framework is very well documented
  • Option Tree
  • Options Framework

Source : http://www.wpsquare.com/wordpress-theme-options-plugins-frameworks/

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