10 features for a perfect wordpress starter theme

These are very important features we'd like to recommend if you want to develop your own commercial themes. Remember that themes are supposed to be used and reused on many sites, which means various configuration options, either codebased of configuration based

  • Theme customizer :
    • Logo upload for theme customization is now a standard wordpress feature, documented on the codex. The custom header feature allows you to uypload your logo, and possibly cropping of the uploaded image. Interesting when trying it variations of formats and or colors.
    • Layout options :
      • theme customizer should allow you to define layout options like : full width, fixed width with max width specification (1020, 960, you pick). Of crouse any serious theme layout should be full responsive and grid based, and compatible with drag and drop content editors like page builder of visual composer
      • good options should allow to define default behaviour for all custom options within pages or posts 'see second pargraph below)
      • color schema should be easy to customize : ideally you should show off a dozen color schemas with your theme
  • Menus 
    • handling a main menu - with unlimited hierarchy levels and responsivness -  is the minimum for a good theme, but I suggest your prepare other locations for secondary menus : top menu (for social networks), bottom menu (adress, legal ...)
  • Custom post types
  • Handling custom Font
    • it is necessary to provide som e sort of easy font customizing, either in the code via a filter or action, or via backend admin interface
    • icons : the font awesome library provides more than 300 hundred icons, it is quite necessary to provide this iconset within your theme. It is good to provide tinymce integration for quick icon integration within text
  • Custom options for pages :
    • custom box for choice of sidebar display :
      • custom sidebar selection (the free plugin Custom Sidebars is available for this feature if you don't want to implement it in your theme. But it does not allow you to remove a sidebar from a page)
      • sidebar position (right, left, none, both)
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