5 dropbox alternatives.. and wordpress link

Dropbox has made its way as standard way of transferring files to the cloud : we use it extensively and the free package, obviously, has led us to use the paid  extension for extra storage.

For our daily webmasters tasks, linking cloud files to wordpress has never been easier since I discovered a very professional plugin, delivered with a slick interface and full language translations : Out of the box is a dropbox plugin for wordpress : dutch author Floris de LEUUW proved very efficient answering basic coding issues when I tried the sister plugin for google drive "Use Your Drive". I particularly like the gallery feature which allows slick display of images hosted on your dropbox or cloud account.

Exchanging files has become so common that now a lot of alternatives have come up

  • Infinit claims to provide unlimited storage, free : its distinctive feature is a focus on friends and networks
  • Kabuto provides 2gb storage

Paid alternatives for file storage


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