My best (free) mac applications


  • want to record a live video ? try quicktime


  • Synkron - free backup software - tried it without success


  • want to grab jpg instead of png screenshots with cmd alt 4 ? try TinkerTool Preference Pane (TinkerTool is actually for MAC OS 10.9, if you are still on 10.8 be careful to use TINKERTOOL4


  • your mouse is not fast enough ? try MouseZoomX preference panel addon
  • fancy multiple cut and paste memory ? Flycut clipboard manager is your friend. Hey, want to remember images too ? give clipmenu a try
  • nostalgic of the old good httrack Java application that drinks  a whole website to your hard drive ? try Maria

5 flipping book applications

We used Calameo to publish our PDF as flipping books : but it turns out that this solution, while offering hosting services for free can turn out expensive when used on a monthly payment basis, especially when you work with your own dedicated hosting service.

we then looked into HTML 5 systems

  • Digital Brochure seems to bring modern layout look and feel : less details but more design
  • flex paper zine seems to do a good job and has a trial version, but it comes a at higher cost