5 Responsive Sliders plugins for WordPress with Touch Swipe Gestures

5 Responsive Sliders plugins for WordPress with Touch Swipe Gestures

An Image is capable of conveying thousands of feeling one the first look. The Right image gallery would definitely be the multiplying factor for your business clients as well as customer satisfaction. Definitely it is the best medium to showcase your complete range of products and services to your potential clients. With the advent of the WordPress more and more web businesses are making their way to use this most effective platform for their business.

Also similarly with the increase in the mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android it is quite difficult for the designers to make their content to be compatible with these devices. Below are mentioned some of the leading plugins for the WordPress having the touch swipe feature which will completely change the way you do your business.

All these plugins are the responsive sliders and will integrate with your business to perfection.    


The plugin basically gives you the best responsive taste without any trouble.  Many developers are using this open source plugin and certainly it has the thumb swipe feature for the mobile devices. Among the features of it are that it is responsive as well as it is IE7+ compatible. Along with that it supports all the Galley API’s such as previous, next, slide number and many more. It is best for callbacks and External API customization.

  Kenburner Slider WordPress Plugin


It is the dynamic combination of the text animation, Ken burner effects, versatile sliders and responsive features. You can really customize this slider as per your needs with a little CSS and HTML changes. It can be used with the thumb swipe gestures. It is easy to install and can be easily resized in terms of thumbs and images.


PhotoSwipeThis plugin for the WordPress is the most widely used plugin and no doubt it is mainly for the mobile devices. It is a HTML/ CSS/Java script based image gallery which is full responsive and touch compatible with the mobile devices. The plugin is basically open source and have many API’s which make it the famous option among many users. It is best optimized for the touch devices.


The plugin is certainly easy to use and is one of the best responsive types of plugin. Some of the features of it are content slider, animated captions, responsive layout, touch support and many other features. For the navigation purposes you can use the thumbnails, tabs or bullets. You can use it banner rotator, gallery, content slider, video gallery, HTML content, slide show and various other types of purposes.

  Galleria –Responsive Java Script Image Gallery

It is basically the Java Script framework that simplifies the process of the creation of the beautiful images and galleries for web applications. The plugin is best for the responsive panel and it is free without any type of restrictions. Also it is touch swipe friendly and a comprehensive documentation is available. There is the option for the multiple themes along with the one core theme.

The above plugins are best responsive for the WordPress. All of them have the touch swipe optimization and can be customized for every type of device by the user as per the requirements.

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