review : hosted photography portfolio services

photographyblogsites is a  wordpress hosted platform that gives you access to a lot of post creation options, the main purpose being the developement of your own photoblog. it can connect to photography vendor services like SmugMug, Pictage,Album Exposure, ShootQ.

you will find on  this article that  a lot of photographers use typepad premium services to get rid of the ads, or blogger or self hosted wordpress, the latter requiring more technical knowledge because of the time and expertise to set up a self hosted web site.

What would make a difference is a photography  hosted service that provides both web and tablet publishing with very specific tablet layout. webservice viewbook provides such features within a light and beautiful graphic framework.

Our choice is to provide a solution for wordpress users, in the form of a gallery plugin that integrates lightbox for desktop and touch swipe for tablets and touch devices. We will release this wordpress tablet gallery plugin very soon.

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