WordPress plugin : ken burns full screen HTML5

We like the HTML 5 css animations, and the codrops tutorial give a first insight into a bright future for webmasters, via  a technology that involves  almost only css coding / harsh coding though. Anyhow I provide here a plugin for wordpress that will perform two tasks

  • shortcode [wbKenBurnsFullScreen] : displays post images as full screen background with ken burns effect
  • shortcode [wbKenBurnsFullScreenRandom] : displays images selected as 'random' and creates the full screen background effect, taking image parent  post as title and link

For the moment, it is the random code that works best as it automatically selects 4 images from media library, which is the best count of images for the effect I provide, directly inspired from the codrops tutorial.

Technically the plugin also provides additional field for images (screenshot below from erwan-foto.com)

DOWNLOAD : [download id="10"]


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