Ionize cms & Fuel Cms

This is not just another content management system. Built on top of the popular Code Igniter PHP framework, Ionize Cms integrates a lot of very itneresting native features that make it a good candidate for challenging monsters like worpdress, typo3.

Native features of Ionize CMs include multilinguism, tree based page management, media library, custom fields, article and blog, nad most importantly it comes with a good looking backend that can easily be extended to develop custom modules.

Another interesting dvelopment tootl is Fuelm CMs, which is distributed the basic CMS features such as tree based page management, or blog, but alos with extensive documentation on how to develop new modules :  basic scaffolding is done in 5 minutes, including table managment with relation ships : all simple tasks are explained in the simple module tutorial, which starts from the sql database creation script and renders a very useful adminstration panel.

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