How to : integrate wordpress menu into prestashop

The wordpress and prestashop integration is a big subject : prestashop is good for selling products and wordpress is good for dealing with content. One very efficient feature of wordpress is the menu builder that allows you to build unlimited hierachical menus. We submit here a technique that hooks into the wordpress update menu event to generate a static version of the modified menu, that can be then included in your prestashop theme via easy static include.

  1. create a cache directory in your wordpress theme folder
  2. add the following code to your functions.php file
      add_action("wp_update_nav_menu" , 'poleouestMakeMenu' );
      function poleouestMakeMenu($menuId)
          $html=wp_nav_menu(array('menu'=>$menuId, "echo"=>false));
          $fileNAme= STYLESHEETPATH . "/cache/" . "menu" . $menuId .".html";
  3. once you've tested that the menu . html file is generated, include it in your prestashop template via some hack in the prestashop core. Let us know how you do it !!

wordpress ecommerce plugin comparison

review of wordpress plugins for commerce

why choosing wordpress for ecommerce instead of ecommerce solutions like prestashop or magento :


  • WordPress is a constantly evoluting platform
  • very efficient for writing articles and content, always necessary to complement product display


  • plugin might not follow wordpress evolution : a good indicator is the last update time of the plugin in the official worpdress repository

we have reviewed below some examples of wordpress solutions for eshopping : they all develop very interesting features, additionnal checks you might want to look before you test a solution are

  • what payment gateway do you need to install ? is this payment gateway developed for that solution
  • what languages are you going to  use ? is that solution localised in your language ?
  • does the system handle automatic creation of order process pages : shopping cart, order review, order process, account information with previous orders

General comparison of wordpress e commerce plugins

price product options stock management shipping seo
(formerly wp ecommerce)
free Y Y flat  rate, table rate, weight rate

wordpress SEO plugin
ALL in one SEO

shopplugin 55$ Y Y / email alerts flat rate, order, qty internal custom fields
cart66 89$ Y Y
caart 66 lite free Y N
jigoshop free Simple, grouped and configurable products Y flat rate and table rate (29$) 5$ custom field extension

Note : all solutions reviewed here allow physicial and digital product management including automatic download

Detailed comparison : ordering and order management

configurable order statuses create order manually custom checkout customer fields
(formerly wp ecommerce)
shopplugin Y N Y
cart66 N N N
caart 66 lite N N N
jigoshop no Y Y