2 wordpress plugins for displaying magento products

We tested and recommend 2 plugins for displaying feeds on wordpress.

  • Simplepie plugin for wordpress (requires simplepie core) is definitely a winner as it handles feed caching, alleviating load on your feed server, in our case a magento ecommerce installation that provides specific categories product feed. Simple pie plugin also handles various configuration goodies including a powerful HTML template system stored in files. Only drawback of this plugin is that it is quite old and does not handle widgets, has to be hardcoded in your wordpress theme (check out the documentation for more information)
  • jRSS widget is less featured but comes with a nice jquery based scroll that displays one item out of your feed, and is widgetized. on the other hand, does not handle caching so be careful is the target website has a lot of hits, can be a load on the source website.

I have put these two plugins to work  on bain-teck.com, dedicated bathroom website.

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