mobile device screen resolution

Planning on developping websites for mobile devices and touch screens ? here is a list of devices and  screen resolution

Iphone 3 480 x 320
iphone 4 960 x 640
Ipad1 1024 x 768
ipad 2 2048 x 1536
Itouch 960 x 640
Samsung galaxy 800x480
HTC EVO 4G 800x480

jquery drag and drop image upload

It's been a long time since we haven't seen a swfupload new version. The famous flash plugin that simplifies file upload for the user is a complex but widely used method of enabling long and multiple file uploads. Another  version of the user friendly file upload that replaces the standard browser upload is the jquery based uploadify, that we're going to test one of these days. And recently, with google mail showing off with the very efficient drag and drop upload system for file attachment, various implementations of drag and drop file upload have occured, the latest one from a jquery perspective , works on HTML5 browsers such as firefox and chrome. Known as the droparea juqery plugin, it is demonstrated on goker cebeci's development website.