Mapress pro : use taxonomies to generate maps

Mappress pro, a plugin for wordpress, is worth its price : it can automatically create maps from custom fields adresses. I needed the possibility to create maps from a specific taxonomy, and this requires some hacking. here's the way to go for serious coders who want, like me, to spend one  intense hour . hope mappress pro incorporates that for future buyers !!

FIRST STEP : create a new configuration option for mappress to specify the custom taxonomy

  • in mappress.php
add_setting_field('customTaxonomyMap', __("Custom Taxonomy", 'mappress'), array(&this, 'setTaxonomy'), 'mappress', 'mappress_pro_settings'));
function set_custom_taxonomy_map() {
$options = Mappress_Options::get();
$pro_link = "<a href='' title='MapPress Pro'>MapPress Pro</a>";
printf(__("This setting requires %s.  Automatically create maps from custom taxonomy.", 'mappress'), $pro_link);
in mappress_pro.php
  • function set_custom_taxonomy_map()
    {        $options = Mappress_Options::get();
        echo __(" Update map when terms are added to a post in the following taxonomy  ", "mappress");
            echo "<input type='text' size='30' name='mappress_options[customTaxonomyMap]' value='"  . $options->customTaxonomyMap. "'/>";}
  • and in mappress_api, don't forget to declare your new option as class variable of Mappress_Options

SECOND STEP : implement action hooks to create the map when the post is saved

  • in mappress_pro.php, function Mappress_Pro()
            if ($options->customTaxonomyMap) {
                    add_action('deleted_term_relationships', array(&$this, 'term_delete'), 10, 4);
                    add_action('added_term_relationship', array(&$this, 'term_added'), 10, 4);
  • and
     function getTaxonomyMapKey($taxonomy)
          return "tax" . $taxonomy;
    function term_added($postid, $termId) // poleouest
         $options = Mappress_Options::get();
        $this->term_delete($postid, $termId);
        $terms=get_the_terms( $postid, $taxonomy );
          foreach( $terms as $term ) {
        if ($city!="")
        {$atts = array("address" => $city);
        $atts = $this->scrub_atts($atts);
       $poi = new Mappress_Poi($atts);
       $result = $poi->geocode(true);
       $pois[] = $poi;
        $map = new Mappress_Map();
            // Update with new POIs
            $map->update(array('pois' => $pois, 'title' => $city, 'metaKey' =>$mapMetaKey, 'center' => array('lat' => 0, 'lng' => 0)));
    function term_delete($postid, $termId) // poleouest
         $options = Mappress_Options::get();
         $map = Mappress_Map::get_post_map($postid, null, $mapMetaKey);
       if ($map)  $map->delete();
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  1. david rothman
    david rothman says:

    This code seems to be incomplete. Can you post get_the_terms() and also provide some insite into the format if the taxonomy of the customTaxonomyMap ?


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