jquery drag and drop image upload for wordpress

If you've loved gmail drag and drop file attachment upload, then you realize you don't really want to live without it anymore. Drag and drop is a new plugin that allows drag and drop image within the wordpress post/ page edit screen, and for many reasons it's going to simplify your content management workflow :

  • it saves time : on wordpress the image upload popin can be a bit slow (1 or 2 seconds) and kind of server overhead, while the drag and drop upload plugin loads only once and gives instant access to the feature
  • it saves time (2) : if you receive images via email you want to download them to you desktop and then upload again. If you use chrome for instance, the downloaded file is available at the download bar at the bottom of the browser screen and if you have your  wordpress psot editing page  opened in a tab, you just have to drag and drop
  • it saves time (3) : use native explorer to view pictures, then drag & drop
  • it saves time (x) : you tell us !!

That plugin is a great start,  it automatically adds the image to the wysiwyg editor which might not be the best behaviour because you want to choose the size before sending the image(s) to the editor. Another issue is that is does upload the image but does not attaches it to the post.

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