Developp Iphone apps without – or with – mac

Obviously, the best way to develop iphone apps is to use the native development kit. But alternative tools offer possibilities that expand beyond the iphone and can offer multi device compatibility.

  • Mobincube is hosted service, has a free lite version, creates apps for iphone and java code for java compatible phones, blackberry, android apps
  • Phonegap is for web developers who'd have a go at iphone development via javascript : phonegap simply emulates html5. Iphone, Android, Blackberry compatible
  • Same for Appcelerator, distributor of the titanium for mobile development tool that enables developers with HTML skills to implement IPhone specific UI
  • Swebapps distribute pre defined iphone app template
  • JQtouch is  a jquery plugin that implements browser based web based applications
  • OPA is a single development platform and language that replaces PHP / MYSQL for  web based applications

More examples (13) on readwriteweb

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