Magento Ajax Cart

There are a few extensions for Magento that implement a feature that's native in prestashop : ajax cart product add. We've note tested them but are working on a list that would help us make a choice when necessary

Mapress pro : use taxonomies to generate maps

Mappress pro, a plugin for wordpress, is worth its price : it can automatically create maps from custom fields adresses. I needed the possibility to create maps from a specific taxonomy, and this requires some hacking. here's the way to go for serious coders who want, like me, to spend one  intense hour . hope mappress pro incorporates that for future buyers !!

FIRST STEP : create a new configuration option for mappress to specify the custom taxonomy

  • in mappress.php
add_setting_field('customTaxonomyMap', __("Custom Taxonomy", 'mappress'), array(&this, 'setTaxonomy'), 'mappress', 'mappress_pro_settings'));
function set_custom_taxonomy_map() {
$options = Mappress_Options::get();
$pro_link = "<a href='' title='MapPress Pro'>MapPress Pro</a>";
printf(__("This setting requires %s.  Automatically create maps from custom taxonomy.", 'mappress'), $pro_link);
in mappress_pro.php
  • function set_custom_taxonomy_map()
    {        $options = Mappress_Options::get();
        echo __(" Update map when terms are added to a post in the following taxonomy  ", "mappress");
            echo "<input type='text' size='30' name='mappress_options[customTaxonomyMap]' value='"  . $options->customTaxonomyMap. "'/>";}
  • and in mappress_api, don't forget to declare your new option as class variable of Mappress_Options

SECOND STEP : implement action hooks to create the map when the post is saved

  • in mappress_pro.php, function Mappress_Pro()
            if ($options->customTaxonomyMap) {
                    add_action('deleted_term_relationships', array(&$this, 'term_delete'), 10, 4);
                    add_action('added_term_relationship', array(&$this, 'term_added'), 10, 4);
  • and
     function getTaxonomyMapKey($taxonomy)
          return "tax" . $taxonomy;
    function term_added($postid, $termId) // poleouest
         $options = Mappress_Options::get();
        $this->term_delete($postid, $termId);
        $terms=get_the_terms( $postid, $taxonomy );
          foreach( $terms as $term ) {
        if ($city!="")
        {$atts = array("address" => $city);
        $atts = $this->scrub_atts($atts);
       $poi = new Mappress_Poi($atts);
       $result = $poi->geocode(true);
       $pois[] = $poi;
        $map = new Mappress_Map();
            // Update with new POIs
            $map->update(array('pois' => $pois, 'title' => $city, 'metaKey' =>$mapMetaKey, 'center' => array('lat' => 0, 'lng' => 0)));
    function term_delete($postid, $termId) // poleouest
         $options = Mappress_Options::get();
         $map = Mappress_Map::get_post_map($postid, null, $mapMetaKey);
       if ($map)  $map->delete();

WordPress Plugin : Ajax calendar with future posts

Ajax calendar with future posts : widget for displaying calendar, with day links and ajax month navigation, including wordpress query filters for displaying future posts, future archive pages. Very useful for events websites

This new plugin is an extension of :

instead of using the get_calendar function from the core wordpress includes, I duplicate it in the plugin and modify it.

Download Ajax calendar with future posts plugin on wordpress plugins

Developp Iphone apps without – or with – mac

Obviously, the best way to develop iphone apps is to use the native development kit. But alternative tools offer possibilities that expand beyond the iphone and can offer multi device compatibility.

  • Mobincube is hosted service, has a free lite version, creates apps for iphone and java code for java compatible phones, blackberry, android apps
  • Phonegap is for web developers who'd have a go at iphone development via javascript : phonegap simply emulates html5. Iphone, Android, Blackberry compatible
  • Same for Appcelerator, distributor of the titanium for mobile development tool that enables developers with HTML skills to implement IPhone specific UI
  • Swebapps distribute pre defined iphone app template
  • JQtouch is  a jquery plugin that implements browser based web based applications
  • OPA is a single development platform and language that replaces PHP / MYSQL for  web based applications

More examples (13) on readwriteweb