WordPress multi level sidebar page navigation

Using WordPress as a CMS is quite easy if you plan to use the menu feature. Drop down menus are also very common, what is less easy is the sidebar page menu that onluy displays children of active page. While this is a very common practise on websites, wordpress does not let you implement this easy. Here a a few links to guide you if you' re willing to get the sidebar menu without children of other pages than current

Display events in wordpress agenda

Custom post types in wordpress allow management of specific data, and this feature can be used for making a specific event type with the expiry date. a tutorial explains this technique here, but you can also have a look at specific plugins that handle events, google map location, and calendar related features. While these feature make an easy way of implementing events management, the specific database tables might prevent you from future developments within the worpdress custom type framework.

google maps multiple google maps markers calendar display
Gigpress no no no
Events manager yes yes yes
Events Manager extended yes yes yes
events calendar pro yes yes yes
events espresso
events calendar yes no yes