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A typical workgroup and/or CRM applications comes with  full featured applications : sugarcrm, tine2.0 come with much more than contact management, task tracking, customer relation ship, and are conceived to integrate third party developments (plugins). But if you only need to track work to do, might have a look at simpler web based php applications :

  • myTinyTodo is so small and simple - yet ajax powered-  you'd love it at first sight
  • TaskFreak is the free version of a much more advanced applicatin, can be enough for a lot of small freelance  projects.
  • PlanCake is a nice hosted  job tracking application that can also be downloaded and installed on your server. Nice for testing before adopting.
  • todoyu (picture above) is the most advanced of our selection, with advanced features : manage multiple projects with team members but also clients online, overview your customer's data, assign tasks to team member and external staff, share files within your work group, schedule events in a shared calendar, check and meet the deadlines
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    Turn a basic WordPress install into a simple and straight-forward ticketing system. Quality Control allows users to create tickets, assign statuses, milestones, categories, and tags. Other users can then interact with the tickets, updating their state, milestone, or any other property.


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