Efficient SEO with Advanced Web Ranking dedicated software

Keyword analysis from search engine results, keyword density advice from your website content, evolution of specific website ranking data (position, rank, competitors), these are some of the powerful web site ranking analysis features provided by Advanced Web Ranking, distributed online by Caphyon Ltd.

Before you engage costly advertising programs for your website, be sure you have explored the powers of natural search engine optimization, one technique that provides best Return on Investment. A set of techniques that can doesn’t require financial investments but will certainly prove time consuming : natural search engine optimization means that you’re going to spend a few weeks monitoring the website you’re working on, and try to improve position in search engines on specific keywords.

It’s quite easy to work on one or two main keywords. But most websites rely on powerful content management platforms such as wordpress, or e commerce application like Magento, and have the potential to render thousands of distinct pages with unique content. That’s where real work starts, and there are two main reasons why I would recommend the assistance of specific search engine ranking software like Advanced  Web Ranking. I’ve tested the software in a localized version for French websites, and the amount of reports it can produce is worth the few minutes required to handle the configuration  learning. I will explain below the three angles of time consuming tasks that the software can save.

QUANTITY : No limit on the amount of keywords , no limit on the amount of search engines

Getting a good position on the web, we know, is particularly dependent on one major search engine provider. Google is really the one index you want to start working with, but you can not just rely on one single provider. There are dozens of country specific search engines that are quite popular locally, and you want to know how well you do at those too. One good thing is that Advance Web Ranking was preconfigured for French markets, listing each combination of local engine plus global engine .com address with localized results, giving a broad view of what’s in use. Combine 10 search engines with 20 keywords and that creates no less than 200 searches to perform ! do that everyday and that’s it you have a full time job , that a software like Advance Web Ranking can gracefully perform in background, saving time for more rewarding experiments such as content management.

QUALITY : historical data of search engine performance

Once configured with a set of keywords (try at least 20 via the import features), and a set of websites to test, The program runs in the background, fetching results for each keyword on each search engine you’ve configured. That could be any instance of a local Yahoo or Google, but national search engines, like voila (france) are also available in the program configuration. General preferences allow you to be more or less polite with search engine, by setting the minimum/ maximum number of seconds between automatic queries. EVOLUTION : historical data You cannot work without elements of comparison. Start using the software with a small set of keywords because the amount of data to be collected will send your desktop for a few hours background work. Once you’ve properly defined the keywords, search engines and keywords you’d like to track, you’re off to a powerful tool for professional  search engine optimisation


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