Magento Configurable products : change product image on thumbnail option

This article describes a  color chooser for magento product page, a technique that automatically use product attributes from a Magento admin to display color thumbnails that

  • allows end user to choose color option by clicking on thumbnail
  • change product image to associated product image

the technique above is inspired from Magento Wiki page that describes the javascript that catches the Options price select event to modifyu the product image. We've changed a few things though

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Publish wordpress posts to social networks


Worpdress is great for quick publishing and a variety of plugins are available that let users publish to various platforms. The image above, extracted from the gigya website, illustrates the versatily of social networks. Gigya itself provides a plugin for WordPress. The technique is commonly described as cross posting, meaning one post on wordpress notifyes various social networks. Cross post plugins include:

  • WordBook : cross-post your blog posts to your Facebook Wall.
  • Same for wordbooker
  • WordPress to myspace publishes  posts to myspace
  • Ping FM is a free  service that publishes posts to social networks. WordPress has a few plugins that integrate with, check this out

Statistics are an important part of social networking : no point developping web presence without knowing where you go

  • Facebook Share Stats : provides charts and numbers  on your posts shared on Facebook, with statistics and charts about the number of "like", comments and clicks received.

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