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SEO Toaster was introduced last week and it comes with a set of features that puts that solution right in place for competing with other famous systems. It's also nice to note that the technology behind it is the Zend Framework.


Inline editing : all administration is performed within the actual site, the admin area does not exist. This is a particularly challenging choice of development but tends to please users when correctly designed. Visually the green & blue theme for the sidebar admin is not the best but is functionnal.

I particularly like the page creation form (image above) which allows the content manager to specify all page information, including SEO related, page title and header image, in one shot.

File Management uses the famous swfupload which is now a minimum requirement for CMS practise. Images are automatically resized and the upload process allows uploading and editing within the same screen which is a recipe for content efficiency. Jquery lightbox is provided in the distribution and resized images link to the original image automatically.

Form maker is integrated in the distribution too but only with the email sender feature, no database integration yet

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  1. Michel Leconte
    Michel Leconte says:


    a quick update about seotoaster; it now includes a shopping cart, with product builder that uses micro-formats, and allows for complete flexibility (products are objects independent from pages). It also features a quoting engine out of the box for the folks out there selling high-end stuff and who wish to handle complex sales process.


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