Frontal creates interpreted flash

Love flash but hate compiling ? here comes frontal, an intuitive markup and scripting language that generates Flash and enables you to create interactive content, sites or apps  with a few lines of code. Still slow on some browsers (crahed flash plugin on chrome), the library has a lot of available widgets for photogalleries, slideshows...

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  1. Mike Barborak
    Mike Barborak says:


    I'm the developer of Frontal. I've heard a few reports of Frontal causing Flash to crash but I haven't been able to reproduce this. I've tried various browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox) on various OSes (Windows XP, Vista and 7, OSX Leopard) with various Flash plugins (9 and 10) but haven't see the crash. I imagine I just haven't gotten the combination right yet. Could you let me know what OS, Chrome version and Flash plugin combination you were using when you saw the crash? And was it a Flash exception popup or an actually plugin crash? It would really help me out. You can post this info to or just email me directly at



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