Jquery wysiwyg editing


Out of smart combination of powerful jquery plugins and functions comes the Minibar, contextual editing menu that pops up in windows Office 2007 fashion. The demo provided works with standard textarea editor but we'd like to see it implemented within tinymce or fckeditor, for instance : no doubt this is coming in the next few hours !!

WordPress single install / multiple blogs

Yes it is possible to host multiple sites for multiple customers with WordPress. The Multi User feature we expeted in wordpress 3.0 will satisfy bloggers only but we need something more specific. The technique I describe here is similar to the one described here in the sense that it directs the database configuration constants to specific databases instead of table prefixes as seen a lot. The advantage obviously is that you keep a single install of wordpress and only have one codebase to manage , while databases remain independant.

  • create wp-domains folder, and inside one folder for each domain, example wp-domains/mysite.com
  • add the following code to wp-config.php : this coding allows a defualt domain to remain active even when the configuration file does not exist, at the expense of a loss in performance. But It is useful to show what's missing.

$domain = strtolower( str_replace( "www.", "", $_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"] ) );
$domain = preg_replace('[^a-z0-9\.-]', '', $domain );
$domainDirectory="/wp-domains/" .$domain;
$domainConfig= dirname(__FILE__) . $domainDirectory . "/db-config.php";
if ( file_exists( $domainConfig ) ) {require_once( $domainConfig );} else {
if ($domain!="defaultdomain.com") echo "missing " .$domainConfig;}

  • replace definitions with variables in wp-config.php

define('DB_NAME', $dbuser);
define('DB_USER', $dbuser);
define('DB_PASSWORD', $dbpwd);

Once this is working with your default  domain, setup virtual hosts  in Apache and try a new domain. Remember on a new install to setup the upload folder in wordpress admin settings.

Multi site config for WordPress : Compatible plugins

I'm running the following plugins and they work perfectly

  • WP Super Cache : works fine because the cache filename coding alogrithm includes the domain name

WordPress : Upload images in post meta


Word press image upload is nice and perfectly integrated in the wysiwyg editor. If you need to specify clearly where the image will appear, you can use the post thumnbail feature that attaches a specific image to a post. But if you need to duisplay more than image per post, then you're better off using custom fields, and a few plugins are available to let you upload image directly to a custom field

Bonus : Custom Field Template Hack  displays full size image on custom image thumbnail in post / page edit in backend and additional function to automate image display in templates

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SEO Toaster CMS

SEO Toaster was introduced last week and it comes with a set of features that puts that solution right in place for competing with other famous systems. It's also nice to note that the technology behind it is the Zend Framework.


Inline editing : all administration is performed within the actual site, the admin area does not exist. This is a particularly challenging choice of development but tends to please users when correctly designed. Visually the green & blue theme for the sidebar admin is not the best but is functionnal.

I particularly like the page creation form (image above) which allows the content manager to specify all page information, including SEO related, page title and header image, in one shot.

File Management uses the famous swfupload which is now a minimum requirement for CMS practise. Images are automatically resized and the upload process allows uploading and editing within the same screen which is a recipe for content efficiency. Jquery lightbox is provided in the distribution and resized images link to the original image automatically.

Form maker is integrated in the distribution too but only with the email sender feature, no database integration yet


Multilingual wordpress with wpml plugin

wpml is a wonderful plugin that has so many  it takes a while to get used to its power.

A new beta version of the multilingual plugin has been published for early adopters who have already switched to 3.0

What I've tested is interesting and allows quick setting of multilingual website

  • Flag displaying is almost instant thanks to dedicated functions or specific coding as documented here. Urls paths are well preserved and extended with the 2 letter language prefix.
  • Post translation is well implemented in the admin, each language displays a + button on the columns of the post / page
  • Posts can share common custom values or images, technique described here
  • all strings thath use the _e function in templates are translatable in the admin or in a mo file
  • as of today the wordpress 3.0 menu and custom post types do not work well with wpml but work is ongoing

wbFurnitureShop : premium wordpress cms theme

wbFurnitureShop is a wordpress template that is an extremely simplified theme for using wordpress as a cms for making a presentation site. Exazmple is provided here in the form a furniture store template designed to use standard wordpress distribution to display a product line, content pages and a jquery  slider that is configured via the standard wordpress content management  interface.
wbFurnitureShop wordpress template was specially developped for latest version of wordpress 3 , which is now available as beta on wordpress.org.
Get in touch now : for less than an hours work you get  fully configured web site with easy admin and wordpress CMS features and full 24hours support for life !


Main home page screenshot


specific admin widget sidebar


Custom post type for products

  • wbFurnitureShop template is a customization of wordpress 3.0  template and includes :
    • the  home page with jquery slider (uses carousel) implemented as custom posts type,
    • the page and post templates : use the page for content and posts for products
    • custom query that  displays lastests posts as products thumbnails  with link to permalink.
    • Sidebar and footer use content widgets for maximum content management.
  • General layout features
    • fixed 750 px Layout (change width in style : #wrapper)
    • cufont enabled, distributed with Champagne & Limousine
    • drop down menu enabled
  • Content display features
    • two column layout on homepage and product pages
    • single column layout on content pages
    • Lastest products remain on bottom of all pages for best user experience and internal site navigation
  • WordPress features
    • thumbnail enabled
    • menu enabled (new function wp_nav_menu)
    • custom type for slide images
    • widget ready ( sidebar  + footer) - use textwidget to display text
  • Goodies
    • is distributed in a zip that contains
      • ttf or otf  font file, cufont, jquery,
      • sample images for testing and working with the template
      • PSD for the top logo and first slide
    • included : PDF install intructions wbFurnitureShopTemplateInstallInstructions

BUY NOW on webmasterbulletin.net/shop

Jquery preload images

the implementation of jquery photo gallery is better performed when the thumbnail is dynamiccaly generated via some  magic library such as the old phpthumb. But this method doubles the amount of  images to load, especially the big ones that we want to pop in on thumbnail click. And that's where comes Ariel Flesler's jquery preload plugin, that allows some various configuration using jquery selector to specify which images should be preloaded. Another jquery plugin takes all images from css files and preload them, can be useful on all websites that rely on background images in styles.

Frontal creates interpreted flash

Love flash but hate compiling ? here comes frontal, an intuitive markup and scripting language that generates Flash and enables you to create interactive content, sites or apps  with a few lines of code. Still slow on some browsers (crahed flash plugin on chrome), the library has a lot of available widgets for photogalleries, slideshows...

Link  : http://www.frontalcode.com