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Built from the Code Igniter template, Ionize CMS comes with a lot of features we love : drag & drop tree structure, multi tyope content (images gallery a just a tab away from the page / article editor), multilingual structure, and a flash based file uploader. Interactions are performed by the mochaUI library, a clean and original Mootools project .  Ionize Project is still young and not very active, and is  a live example of an opensource application  that can afford to survive  without a user forum, even though the Code Igniter forum follows it closely. But we believe with a form maker module Ionize CMS would quickly surpass other simple CMS alternatives such as our beloved silverstripe.

version 0.92 is opensource and version 1 has been released privately

Link :

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  1. reza faghihi
    reza faghihi says:

    i downloaded and tested it on local server it has very user friendly and neat interface
    great project

  2. Michel-Ange
    Michel-Ange says:

    Ionize 0.9.5 was just released !
    Thanks for this great post about Ionize CMS !

    We work hard to provide fast and regular new release and since the begin of September, the project is become more active !!!

    Don't hesitate ro have a look at the last version !


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